At our writing group this week we were learning about eponyms and their uses and we were tasked with writing a piece. We had to invent an eponym basically and incorporate it in the piece. I was a bit out of my depth to be honest and I was struggling so I decided I would make up some facts describing how some fictitious eponyms came about.
The class seemed to like it and so I have decided to type them up for reference.

1. The robot was named after a soulless and unemotional librarian, Robert Ot whose ability to undertake laborious jobs was legendary amongst his peers.

2. The word “list” was named after the Russian Alice Tovstuv, a compulsive list maker from Minsk.

3. The word “duck” as a verb was put into circulation by the military who used live targets in secret operations – An idea put forward by Sgt. Bob Down

4. Polyfila was invented inadvertently when Mrs Polly Fuller ground up water and stones to make a cheaper cake filling.

5. Insects with multiple legs are named after a little girl who was caught short playing golf with her Father. She squatted in the trees to pee when she spotted a strange insect. The name was used because the insect was discovered where Milly pee’d

6. Kangaroos are named because Aboriginals would often sit on a billy can staring at the animals in the belief that doing so would help resolve a life crisis. Hence – Can Guru


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